Stone Coaster.

Stone Coaster (8)
Stone Coaster (10)

We have many different kinds of coasters, such as slate, marble, granite, marble & wood spliced, marble with copper, and
terrazzo. And we can produce coasters of any shape, such as square, round, heart, hexagon, and so on.

Slate Coaster
Slate is a gift from god.
Slate gives a natural feeling.
It is a natural material, and it’s both beautiful and practical. Slate coasters make a stunning surface, the surface is natural and textured, the edge is rough, it looks more natural and wild, and we also do the cutting edge, they are very neat and straight. There are 4pcs EVA feet which can help to protect contact surface and reduce friction, also keep each piece level.

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Marble coaster
The marble is soft and warm than granite, the pattern is very beautiful and the surface is very smooth & shining, all edges are very neat and straight, and they will protect you from scratches when you use. And there are also 4pcs EVA feet to protect contact surface.

Stone Coaster (5)

Granite coaster
Granite is very very hard and cool, the granite looks very cool and feels very hard, the color is dark and single.

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Stone Coaster (2)

Marble & wood spliced and marble with copper

These are new kinds of product.
The joint part is perfect, no fracture, seamless bonding. And the surface of whole product is smooth and level.
They are warm, unique, elegant and graceful.

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Stone Coaster (7)


There are many kinds of packages.
Shrink package,paper string, ribbon, hemp rope, brown box, color box, color card sleeve, display box, and so on.
We also do OEM products and customized.

In a word, we are very professional in stone coasters,We have special source channels to guarantee the most competitive price and best quality products. We can provide different materials and meet different packaging requirements.

Create delicious life from stone coasters.

Post time: Jan-26-2021